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Stonewall Saloon History

    The old Stonewall Saloon was built in 1873 and was the first building to be erected in the town built by Irb Boggess and Peg Leg Fulton.  The Saloon was operated under the title of Boggess and Fulton and later dubbed The Stonewall Saloon.  Peg Leg Fulton was the operator of the Saloon. The Saloon according to stories was opened to accommodate the thirsty trail drovers, traveling on long cattle drives, headed to the Red River Station on the Chisholm Trail.  A boarding house was upstairs.


    In 1897 came county prohibition and causing the saloon to close on Feb. 11, 1899.  For a time Mr. Boggess used the building as his real estate office.  In 1905, James R. Wiley bought the building from Boggess and established the Citizens National Bank. The bank never prospered and in 1942,  H. D. Field Sr. bought the assets and closed it down. The building stayed in the Field estate and was rented for offices.   


    In 1950's, H.D. Field Jr., purchased the building and restored it to a replica of the original saloon. It was opened in 1958 as the Stonewall Saloon Museum, the year of Saint Jo's Centennial celebration.  Many people loaned family pictures, history and heirlooms to the museum. The Saloon quickly became a tourist attraction and landmark for Saint Jo. The museum was sold by the Field family in 1996 and the new owners again operated it as a replica of an old time saloon open for occasions.


    In February 2011, the building was purchased by locals and the property put into a 501(c3) non-profit corporation with the intent of establishing a first class museum depicting the early days of Saint Jo, Head of Elm and the intersection of the Chisholm Trail and the California Trail.  For more Saint Jo history click here.


Plans for the Museum

    The Stonewall Saloon has gone through the first phase of restoration and the museum was open to visitors the first weekend in August, 2011.  Over 2000 visitors have stopped by to see the museum since then.  The first phase secured the integrity of the building and renovated the old saloon portion downstairs. Many of the artifacts from the 1958 Centennial museum are on display. There is not enough space to display all of the items that have been collected unless the museum is enlarged.  Thus, the Museum Directors are in the process of planning an addition to the back of the saloon.  It will be two stories allowing access to the second story above the saloon.  This addition will include restrooms, air-conditioning, interior stairs and an elevator  to allow access to  the second floor and permit additional exhibit areas depicting a history of the late 1800's and Saint Jo's importance to the Chisholm Trail. To accomplish this goal, fund raising projects and a search for grants are under way.



Would You Like to be a Part of History?

    In order to accomplish these goals and establish this museum as an important aspect of the Saint Jo Square, a tourist destination and major feature of the area, we need your support. We have established the Stonewall Saloon Museum Association and want you to become an active member by making a contribution, monetarily and also with ideas, family stories or exhibits if your family was from this area.


Please join us as:

Trail Boss              $20,000

Lead Rider            $10,000

Top Hand               $  5,000

Wrangler                $  2,500

Drover                    $  1,000

Annual Member    $     100


The Stonewall Saloon front swinging doors will be branded with those donors providing support in excess of $5,000 to the Museum. Local volunteers to help in the museum will always be needed, and you will be part of those named after the famed Boggess Volunteers.


Please consider making a donation now as it will be important to have matching funds as the Board applies for grants to maintain the Museum and and fund the additional building restoration. Make checks payable to: Museum of the Stonewall Saloon, Ltd.  



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